10 Industry Applications of Tube Laser Cutting

Tube laser cutting is extremely versatile, and offers precision and speed for virtually any business or industry that needs to cut tubing. That’s why there are so many industry applications of tube laser cutting.

Whether you want to see how a tube laser cutting machine is used in your industry, discover more uses for your machine, or simply want to learn more about the applications of tube laser cutting, you’ll find what you need with this guide to the top 10 industry applications.

Introduction to Tube Laser Cutting

A tube laser-cutting machine is exactly what it sounds like: a machine that utilizes a high-powered laser to slice through metal tubing, and sometimes other types of tubing like PVC as well.

By leveraging a fiber laser, these machines not only cut tubing extremely quickly but also create precise cuts that improve the quality and volume of output. Due to the versatility of various tube sizes (lengths and thicknesses), shapes (round and rectangular tubes), and materials (various metals and plastics), these machines have revolutionized metal fabrication and various industries around the world.

That’s especially true with top-quality machines, like the Accurl Tubeline Bk Series which offers easy-to-use CNC control, seamless automation features, unmatched speed and precision, and easy tube loading. By adding this machine, you can instantly boost output and enhance the accuracy of cuts, regardless of industry.

So, what are the 10 industries that most commonly use tube laser cutting machines?

Industry Applications of Tube Laser Cutting

There are many industries where tube laser cutting machines are used, but these are the top 10 including automotive, aerospace, construction, furniture, energy, and more.

Automotive Industry
Tube laser cutter machines are essential in the automotive industry, particularly when manufacturing parts for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. With a tube laser cutting machine, businesses can swiftly create precise components for exhaust systems, roll cages, and other structural components.

Not only that but with automobiles, performance and safety are paramount, which means the precision of an advanced tube laser cutter is critical. Plus, the precision and power applied by these laser cutters don’t compromise the durability and strength of the material, thereby ensuring long-lasting frames and safety.

Aerospace Industry
In the aerospace industry, components need to retain their strength while being precise lengths. That’s why it’s one of the most popular applications of tube laser cutting to produce materials that can withstand the stress of flight.
So, what types of aerospace parts are tube cutters used for? Everything from win spars to engine components, hydraulic systems, lightweight aircraft tubing, and more.
However, since one minor detail could have terrible consequences in this industry, it’s critical that you choose a top-quality machine with unparalleled precision, like the unbelievably precise Accurl Tubeline D Series.

Construction and Architecture
Tube cutting machines are also used in the construction industry to create custom materials like girders, scaffolding, piping, beams, and even tools. Additionally, they are used for structural components to strengthen interior walls.

Similarly, a powerful tube laser cutter can create architectural designs with precision, including decorations, fencing materials, and more. What makes tube laser cutting machines so valuable for construction is the precision combined with speed that doesn’t slow down deadlines.

Furniture and Interior Design
Laser cutting machines designed for rubes are being used more and more in the furniture industry. Designers can use them to realize their creative vision, effortlessly producing metal frames for tables and chairs, decorative elements for tables and stands, and unique designs for a wide variety of interior decor.

They can be used on a small scale for custom furniture designed specifically for a single customer or for high-volume furniture manufacturing operations. Plus, they can even be used to make frames, wall art, and other interior design features.

Marine and Shipbuilding
Similar to how tube-cutting machines are used in aerospace and automotive industries, they are also important aspects of manufacturing ships and other marine equipment. They can create a wide variety of marine structures including shark cages, boat frames, buoys, and much more.

Most importantly, they can create formidable parts for ships both large and small. By precisely cutting tubes without compromising the integrity of the material, tube laser cutters can produce safer materials for use on the water with zero leaks.

Energy and Renewable Resources
The thriving energy and renewable resources industry leverages tube-cutting machines for a wide variety of different applications. Whether it’s to create components for windmills, tubing for nuclear plants, gear for oil/gas riggings, or practical components of solar panels and equipment, laser cutting machines are an invaluable addition to energy companies.

Medical Equipment and Devices
A tube laser cutting system is so precise that it can even be used to create medical devices that require the strictest compliance. Whether it’s to create intricate medical parts for use in advanced machines or for creating surgical instruments, implants, or diagnostic equipment, any modern medical equipment manufacturer should consider adding on to their operations.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Like a tube laser cutter is used for construction equipment, it can also be used for industrial machinery. Industry applications of tube laser cutting include things like agricultural equipment, conveyor systems, automation systems, engineering apparatus, and so much more.

Production with a tube laser cutting system is fast, easy, and cost-effective for industrial machinery. Because of this, its use in the industry is virtually unlimited, especially with the best tube laser cutting machine options like the Accurl TubeLINE A Series that offers bevel cutting, cutting data, ergonomic controls, and so much more to deliver the best results.

Sports and Recreation
One of the most overlooked applications of tube laser cutting is in the sports and recreation industry. They are perfectly capable of manufacturing sporting equipment including masks, bicycles, fitness equipment, free weights, scooters, outdoor fitness equipment, and so much more.


As you can see, the industry applications of tube laser cutting are far-reaching and virtually unlimited encompassing everything from automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding to furniture, medical suppliers, and energy industries.

Even if you don’t fit within these 10 industry applications, if you are regularly cutting tubing then a tube laser cutting machine can elevate your efficiency, precision, and bottom line. That’s especially true if you choose a state-of-the-art Accurl machine. Click here to contact us and learn more!

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