5 Advantages of Servo-Electric Press Brakes in Manufacturing Industry

Servo-electric press brakes are powerful machines designed to bend and manipulate metal panels with ease, yet many operations still use hydraulic press brakes or other bending machines.
So, what makes servo-electric press brakes so much better? Keep reading to discover 5 advantages of servo-electric press brakes including precision, energy efficiency, versatility low maintenance, & higher productivity.

First, how does a Servo Electric Press Brake Machine work?

How Do Servo Electric Press Brakes Work?

Servo electric press brakes, unlike their hydraulic counterparts, perform the bending functions by utilizing servo motors, ball screws, and belt systems. As the electric servo motors apply the force, the rotary motion ensures a uniform and accurate bend.
They require no hydraulic fluid and can be controlled with a CNC panel, which makes it easier to program precise bends based on material thickness, type, and more.
For instance, the Accurl Electric Press Brake eB Ultra leverages an advanced, but easy-to-use control system to perform bends. Not only that, but the massive bending force and low energy usage means it’s fast, versatile, and reduces energy by as much as 80%.
As you can see, servo-electric press brake machines are quite powerful, but they are more than that: they are highly beneficial for a variety of operations in metal fabrication, automotive, construction, aerospace, and more. That’s because there are some unrivaled benefits of these machines.

Advantages of Servo-Electric Press Brakes

The main advantages of servo-electric press brakes are precision, productivity, energy efficiency, versatility, and easy maintenance.

Precision Bending
Since electric servo press brakes use electronic controls with advanced features, they can be extremely precise. In fact, they are precise enough for creating automobile parts, signage, or construction equipment and can also create intricate parts required by strict industries like medical equipment and aerospace.

Additionally, they offer magnificent repeatability, which means they create uniform components within a fraction of an inch while their single bend accuracy can be within 0.000079 inches.

Even better, these machines can create complex bends like accordion shapes, stair shapes, and more with unparalleled accuracy. This type of performance is not only impossible with hydraulic press brakes but keeps getting better with the most advanced servo-electric press brakes.

Not only that, but cutting-edge models perform these types of highly precise bends with less noise up to 70% less noise when it comes to the Accurl eB Ultra. Plus, the accuracy reduces material waste and preserves the integrity and strength of the original material.

Energy Efficiency
While energy efficiency may not be at the top of your list of things to look for in a metal manufacturing machine, it is important simply because it directly impacts your bottom line. By saving energy, you reduce per-part costs and drive up profitability.

Plus, many customers these days specifically consider how sustainable or green a business is, which means an energy-efficiency press brake could elevate your reputation as well. You might be wondering how a Servo-electric press brake that literally uses energy to operate is more efficient than a hydraulic model.

While it’s true that they use more energy during operation, they only use energy during operation. On the other hand, a hydraulic press brake uses energy even when not in use. Because of this, models like the Accurl eB Ultra can reduce energy usage by as much as 80%.

Not only that, but since these machines don’t use hydraulic oil, they reduce that cost too. Basically, upgrading to a servo-electric press brake can instantly improve your profits not only with higher productivity and precision but by reducing overhead costs as well.

Versatility and Flexibility
Servo electric press brakes are highly versatile machines, being able to work for a variety of industries. In fact, almost any industry that needs to bend metal can benefit from adding a servo-electric press brake to their operation.

Servo electric press brake operation is used for aerospace, automotive, construction, furniture, medical equipment, metal fabrication, consumer goods, energy and oil, and so many more. But it’s versatile in more ways than that.

They can also bend a variety of materials and thicknesses with ease, especially considering the easy CNC operation. They are highly customizable for complex bends with metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and more.

Reduced Maintenance Requirements
One of the worst aspects of hydraulic pres brakes is the near-constant maintenance that’s required. With hydraulic oil needing to be replaced, cleaned, and maintained, it’s always a hassle that’s on the back of the operator’s mind.

Plus, a hydraulic press brake has a complex combination of hoses, pumps, and valves that tend to break down often, which translates into higher operation costs and more downtime. On the other hand, servo-electric press brakes have fewer moving parts and do not require hydraulic oil.

This is important because it reduces the stress on your team, on your machine, and on your budget. No wonder more and more metal fabrication businesses are upgrading to servo electric press brake machine models.

Improved Productivity and Throughput
Last, but certainly not least, is the productivity that you can achieve with servo-electric press brake operation. This is one of the most important advantages of servo-electric press brakes because it translates into more revenue for your business.

With rapid setup times, easier operations, and simplified loading and unloading, machines like the H-Brake Hybrid Press Brake Euromaster by Accurl can offer 35% shorter cycle times while still maintaining a high-quality result with unmatched precision.

If you are looking to scale your business, then getting an electro-servo press brake should be a no-brainer. It can give you a competitive edge and allow your operation to move more smoothly and efficiently. Any business that can boost profits and sales by producing higher-quality materials at faster speeds should upgrade as soon as their budget allows.


As you can see, there are tons of advantages of servo-electric press brakes that fall into 5 main categories: precision, energy savings, versatility, low maintenance, and improved productivity. When upgrading to one machine offers you all that, it’s hard to ignore the benefits to your business.

If you want the most advanced machines at an affordable cost, choose Accurl. Our various electric press brakes as well as hybrid machines use the most cutting-edge technologies and have for over 30 years in business. Click here to contact us to learn more with a demo.


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