Blechexpo International Trade Fair is Coming Novemeber 7-10th, 2023

The Blechexpo event begins soon, which means the biggest opportunity of the
year for attendees to learn about the most up-to-date sheet metal working
innovations, discover new companies, and, of course, learn more about
Accurl groundbreaking machines.

Read to learn more about the International Trade Fair for Sheet Metal
Working, when and where you can see Accurl and our joint booth partner
MicroStep Europe, and how you can attend!

What is the Blechexpo and When is It?

Blechexpo is the International Trade Fair for Sheet Metal Working that
happens every year. For the 16th annual edition, it will be located in
Stuttgart, Germany on 7 to 10 November 2023.

This event is a chance for industry leaders to show off their new
technologies, revolutionary designs, and more. Manufacturers and
metalworking machinery companies from all over the globe will come together
to demonstrate world-class offerings, discuss the future of the industry,
promote solutions to common problems, and so much more.

While it’s considered a trade fair for sheet metal working, it’s also aimed
“to present the entire process chain of cold-forming sheet metal processing
and the associated thermal or mechanical cutting, joining, and connection
technology” according to the official website. This includes pipe
processing, fastening solutions, and much more.

Where to See Accurl Paired with MicroStep

Accurl will partner with MicroStep Europe in Hall 9, Booth 9102 during the
event. This is a can’t-miss opportunity to learn about various
high-performance sheet metal processors, the MSE Smart 2D laser cutting
system, and two cutting-edge press brakes from the newly released venture,
“MicroStep Industry Powered by Accurl.”

Not only do you get to learn about these incredible machines, but you get
to see them in action and discover how they can help your metal working
operation accelerate production, boost safety, and optimize


Why is Accurl Presenting with MicroStep Europe?

Accurl has been an industry leader for nearly 4 decades in Asia, but for
the first time, we will be presenting our premium CNC Press Brakes and
Fiber Laser Cutting Machines with MicroStep Europe as part of a new
cooperation agreement.

This agreement launched the MiscroStep Industry Powered by Accurl line with
the goal of custom-tailoring solutions to customer needs. Together, we can
sell CNC bending systems that leverage the most up-to-date research and
innovations to guarantee the most reliable, efficient, and economical
machines on the market.

Accurl Managing Director Cameron Lee who signed the cooperation agreement
says, “We are extremely pleased that we have found a partner in the
industrially strong heart of Europe in MicroStep Europe, which, like us,
defines itself as a customer-oriented company with a continuous drive for

Lee continued, “We share the philosophy that only the highest quality
solutions in the field of sheet metal processing lead to process
reliability and efficiency. Now we are taking the next level of
collaboration together.”

How to Attend Blechexpo International Trade

To learn more about the 16th annual Blechexpo International Trade Fair for
Sheet Metal Processing, click here to visit their official website or go to

You’ll be able to find information for visitors, exhibitors, and more and
plan your days at the event with their “My Day at the Fair” feature. You
can also find out where Accurl, MicroStep Europe, and other industry
leaders will be located and plan your travel to attend the must-see event.

Finally, you can

secure your ticket directly from the website,

but don’t wait because the event starts soon!


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