Difference Between Rolling  and Bending Machines

Roll bending or forming and press brake bending machines are often confused. That’s because their primary purposes are the same, to bend metal, but there are some distinct differences. It’s critical to know what these differences are so you can pick the best bending process for your operations. Keep reading to learn what bending machines […]

Types of Rolling Mills

Rolling mill machinery is a great way to compress and shape metal for manufacturing. They are commonly used for a variety of industries from automotive and tech to home furnishes and jewelry.  However, not all types of rolling mills are useful for every purpose, which is why it’s so critical to understand the 3 types […]

The 7 Newest Machines for Bending Operations

Innovative brands like Accurl are always striving to improve bending operations, which means new features and machines are always being added and updated.  Finding the right bend machine for your operations is a critical step toward higher performance, efficiency, and precision. So, what are the 7 newest types of bending machine models that you want […]

Tube Bending Machines – Choosing the Right Option for Your Pipes and Tubes

Choosing the right bending machines for your specific pipes and tubes is critical because it will allow you to reduce wear and tear on the machine, create optimal results, and improve the efficiency of production. So, how do you choose and compare tube-bending machinery? The first step to choosing a pipe or tube bend machine […]

The Ultimate Resource on Pipe Bending Machines

Pipe bending machines can boost efficiency for industries that require accurate, but fast bending of metal pipes. It’s essential to know about automatic pipe bending machine options, applications, materials, and other information to not only ensure the best model for your needs but also to guarantee safety and productivity when using a pipe bender.  This […]

Safety Measures and Precautions When Operating a Sheet Metal Bending Machine

Sheet metal bending machines can amplify productivity, streamline operations, and enhance precision by applying heat, force, and automation to the metal bending process. Due to the extreme temperatures, bending metals, and extreme pressure, it’s incredibly important to use sheet metal bending rules for safety. Read on to learn about the possible dangers of using an […]

Valuable Features of a BEC Bending Machine for Industrial Use

Industrial settings rely on a variety of machinery and technology to ensure safety, productivity, and efficiency. This includes many different types of bending machines including press brakes, metal pipe bending machines, and more, but not all bending machines are created equal. That’s where a BEC bending machine like the Smart BEC Series by Accurl comes […]

What is the Metal Bending Process for a BEC Bending Machine?

There are lots of applications for different types of bending machines including angle bending rolls, press brakes, pipe bending machines, and more. One of the most groundbreaking types in the metalworking industry is the BEC bending machine.  Due to the design, performance, efficiency, and metal bending process of BEC bending machines like the Smart BEC […]

Bending Machine Handbook: Types, Advantages, and How to Choose the Best Bending Machine

When working with metal sheets, plates, or pipes, it’s critical that you have the right type of equipment to generate the best results for your project. Understanding the advantages of different types of bending machines is important because it will ensure that you choose the best option for your production and efficiency needs.  Keep reading […]