Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Prices A Comprehensive Guide

A fiber laser cutting machine can be a cost-effective addition to your operations, offering better efficiency with exceptional versatility. However, you probably care about Fiber Laser Cutting Machine price as well as advanced features, striking the most cost-effective balance for your organization.

Keep reading to learn all about Fiber Laser Cutting Machine prices including the factors that influence price, different price ranges, and budget tips and considerations. But first, let’s look at some of the features of fiber laser cutting machines.

Key Components of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

A fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced tool that uses a high-powered laser to swiftly and precisely cut through various materials. At their most basic, without additional features for safety, energy efficiency, and superior productivity, there are 8 components of a fiber laser cutting machine.

  1. Fiber Laser Source or power source that produces the laser that performs the cuts
  2. Laser Cutting Head, the output device consisting of focus lens, focus tracking system, and a nozzle.
  3. Servo Motors, which is the engine that controls the mechanical aspects including speed, position, and accuracy.
  4. Water Chiller to cool the laser cutting machine
  5. Air cutting System using an air compressor, filter device, and air dryer
  6. Host, which is the term for the bed, beam, table, and Z-axis system
  7. Control system that the operator uses for precise cuts and simplified control
  8. Stabilizer that maintains reliable connections between the tool and power supply

While these are the main features of any machine, when it comes to Fiber Laser Cutting Machine cost you’ll want to find the best value and consider additional features as well.

Factors That Impact Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price

There a tons of different fiber laser cutting machines to choose from at a wide variety of price points, so it’s important to examine the factors that influence the cost as well. These include things like the type of laser, laser power, brand reputation, cutting bed size, workpiece material and thickness, and cutting speed.

Laser Type
The type of laser that the machine uses will determine the complexity of cuts, materials, and efficiency, so it’s an important consideration when deciding on the best cutting machine. The best cutting machines use a fiber laser, but there are also CO2 lasers, direct diode lasers, and more.

Laser Power
Similarly, the power of the laser will drastically determine price. As the rated power of the laser increases, so do the costs of the components. That being said, depending on your operations, a higher laser power might be beneficial or even required.

Brand Reputation
Going with a new brand can save you money, but they might not offer the warranties, customer support, innovative features, and reliability of industry-leading brands like Accurl offering over 30 years of experience as a top 10 worldwide leader.

Cutting Bed Size
Larger work table sizes mean higher prices, but it also means more versatility for cutting larger workpieces. The cutting bed size you need to pay for will depend on your specific operations, but make sure that you also account for any future growth.

Workpiece Material and Thickness
Cutting thicker material will require more powerful lasers and heavy-duty components, therefore costing more. The same goes for harder metals or reflective metals that require specialized equipment. Again, this is something that you will have to pay for regardless if you’re working with thick materials or hard, reflective metals like stainless steel.

Cutting Speed
Finally, cutting speed will drastically influence price, but a faster cutting speed also boosts productivity, which means it could produce an ROI even with a more expensive machine. The Accurl Fiber Laser Cutting High Power ML Plus offers a simultaneous axis speed reaching 180m/min to accelerate your operations.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Price Ranges

Due to all these factors that influence price as well as unique features and innovations, Fiber Laser Cutting Machines prices are greatly varied. From cheap personal options to the most advanced commercial fiber cutting machine, it’s best to start with ranges to help you determine what you can get for your budget.

Less Than $5,000
These machines are not designed for commercial use, but if you’re looking for a personal engraving or marker then they might be okay. Still, they will offer low power, slow speed, and a very small cutting.

Up to $15,000
This is where you’ll find the most basic commercial cutting machines. While very budget-friendly, they are generally designed for smaller operations and businesses. They won’t be very fast and might lack accuracy needed for aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

From $15,000 to $50,000
This is where you’ll start to find more advanced machines. They might not have the speed or precision of the highest tier models, but they are generally good quality with tons of power and CNC capabilities.

Over $50,000, But Under $150,000
This is the price range we typically recommend because it offers a good balance between cost-effectivness and advanced features for rapid speed, exceptional accuracy, and reliability. At this stage when you choose Accurl, you also get top-of-the-line energy efficiency.

Over $150,000
These machines are the highest priced models, typically designed for the biggest operations. While they offer similar power and speed as those slightly more affordable, they often have other features like a larger cutting area, more versatility for complex shapes and uncommon materials, and more.

Budget Considerations for Fiber Laser Cutting Machines
Now for some cost saving tips so you can get the best Fiber Laser Cutting Machine price without sacrificing necessary features.

Start with the Essentials
Start by identifying the essential capabilities you need. That includes the materials and thicknesses you need to cut as well as speed, size, and other factors. By starting here, you can find the cheapest machine that will work, but you’ll probably still want to go up a tier or two to account for growth.
Don’t Go Too Cheap

Going too cheap can cost you more in the long run. That’s ebcuase the machine won’t be as reliable, might break down more often, and could potentially cost you hundreds of thousands dollars with inefficiency both with the cutting process and energy consumption.

Get Quotes from Multiple Companies
The best budgeting advice we can give is to get quotes from multiple providers and ask all your most important questions or even request a demo. Click here to get a free quote on Accurl’s state-of-the-art fiber cutting machines today.


Fiber Laser Cutting Machine price can vary a lot, but as you can see they are incredible machines that can contribute to productivity, precision, and growth for your business. Make sure you consider all the factors that influence price as well as our tips when searching for the perfect fiber laser cutting machine for your operations.

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