Plate Rolling Machines: Determining the Ideal Choice for Your Needs

Plate rolling machine

If you already know you need a plate rolling machine to scale your business, boost output, increase productivity, and drive revenue, then the next step is deciding which model suits your needs best. 

However, that’s easier said than done. After all, a plate rolling machine is a big investment that will propel your business into the foreseeable future. That’s why we’re here to help you not only select the best type, but to find the best manufacturer and understand models that best fit your current operations while leaving room for growth. 

3 Steps to Determining the Best Plate Rolling Machine for Your Needs

To find the ideal plate rolling machine, you need to consider three major factors: types of rolling machines, different manufacturers, and features of different models. 

Choosing From  Types of Rolling Machines

While you can read our dedicated on varieties and components of plate rolling machines, this is an important factor so we’re going to give a brief overview here as well. 

A three-rolle initial-pinch are electric or hydraulic and work by pinching the metal plate between two rolles. Then, while the plate pinches, a third roll  bends the sheet. These are best for low-volume output of cylindrical bends. They require more work during operation, but are definitely a cost-effective option overall. 

Double plate pinching machines have 3 or 4 rolls and are sometimes referred to as double-pinch pyramid rollers due to the shape of the rollers.The double-pinch action refers to the ability to pre-bend both plate ends without any removal, which means less work and higher productivity. 

 A pyramid roller with 3 rolls can create more precise bends than a initial pinch, but if you have a significant volume of bends for operations, then you might want to consider four-roll pinch n roll machines. 

That’s because 4-roll machines are the most efficient and effective for rolling sheet metal into a cylinder. That’s because, you can complete the entire bending process in a single direction, threby reducing cycle time. 

Manufacturer Considerations

Whether you choose single or double plate pinching, 3 or 4 rolls, it’s critical that you select a reputable and expertienced manufacturer. Among hundreds of potential providers in the rapidly growing metalwork industry, it can be hard to weed out the bad from the good. 

Here are a few factors you should definitely consider when selecting a plate rolling machine manufacturer: 

  • Experience: Some manufacturers have a few years of experience while others, like Accurl, have over 30 years in the industry. While experience isn’t a tell-all, enduring decades is a good indication of a qualify manufacturer. 
  • Innovation: If a manufacturer hasn’t updated their equipment in years, they might not be keeping up with the latest technologies like automation, environmentally-friendly designs, and safety features. 
  • Service: Does the manufacturer have good customer support? Consider things like warranties, maintenance, customization, and more. 

After these three factors, the considerations start being more specifically about the machines and models themselves, which is the final factor when determining your ideal plate rolling machine. 

Selecting Features and Models

When selecting between different plate rolling machine models, there are several features that you should absolutely keep in mind. Then, there are extra features that can help you choose the most cost-effective and efficient model for your operations. 

The things you need to consider include the type of material you will be rolling, including the thickness and width. Some plate rolling machines are only designed for certain thicknesses, while others can handle even extremely thick material while still creating precise cylindrical shapes.

For example, Accurl 3-Roll and 4-Roll Hydralic Plate Bending Machines can easily bend metal sheets with a thickness of 2mm to 200mm and a width of 1000mm to 12000mm. 

Another factor to keep in mind is the type of power and control systems. CNC systems used on various Accurl models are easy to use, accurate, and simplify the rolling process. However, you can use more affordable NC systems if you aren’t worried about training operators. 

Finally, there are some potential features that you might want to see if a good manufacturer has available. The absolute top-of-the-line machines will offer things like environmentally-friendly energy effeciency, automation, customization, and more. 

Accurl has a wide variety of not only plate rolling machines, but many types of bending machines, press brakes, cutting tools, and more that can save you up to 65% in energy costs, boost efficiency, reduce noise, and deliver unparalleled accuracy every time. That’s why we’ve been a trusted one stop shop for bending machines and metal fabrication expertise for over 34 years. 

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