The 7 Newest Machines for Bending Operations

Innovative brands like Accurl are always striving to improve bending operations, which means new features and machines are always being added and updated. 

Finding the right bend machine for your operations is a critical step toward higher performance, efficiency, and precision. So, what are the 7 newest types of bending machine models that you want to consider for your bending operations? 

Keep reading to find the perfect bending machine by learning about the newest types, new bending technology, and specific models that can elevate your metalworking operations.

7 Newest Bending Machines

The 7 newest types of bending machines used in operations throughout the world are tube bending machines, BusBar punching, bending, and cutting machines, bending rollers, panel benders, press brakes, wire bending machines, and plate rolling machines.

1.    Tube Bending Machines

Tube bending machines are used to bend tubes or create hollow tubes. They are often used for creating piping, vehicle exhaust systems, furniture, and construction materials. Using the newest bending technology, they can quickly and effectively make precise bends and angles in metal tubes.

The operator will load the tube into the tube or pipe bender and clamp it between two dies. During operation, the tube, pipe, or bar bending machine will create the cuts according to the specifications given.

Automatic metal bending machine models will make this much easier because they use powerful bending technology. Just make sure to choose a model that’s not only easy to use, but also efficient, durable, and precise, especially if you’re in an industry where precision is paramount.

2.    BusBar Punching, Bending, and Cutting Machines

This is one of the newest types of bending machines because it has stations for three different processes as the name suggests. One station is designed as a cutting machine for materials like aluminum, PVC, or other metals.

The next station is for punching and embossing sheet metals, panels, and other materials while the last station can bend them into the desired shape with accuracy. Using one of these machines is a great way to accelerate and simplify metalworking operations.

ACCURL offers machines for all three needs as well including a combined punching and laser cutting machine, the NEW ES NT-30T Punch Laser Combined Machine. It’s designed to maximize productivity with a powerful electrical system, durable frame, and efficient automation.

You can also combine this machine with our state-of-the-art bending machines to create a 3-station Punching, Bending, and Cutting operation!

3.    Bending Rollers

A bending roller uses three rollers to bend sheet metal or panels into perfect bending shapes. While bending rollers themselves are certainly not one of the newest types of steel, iron, or aluminum bend machine models, the manual options have been upgraded and largely replaced by automated, easy-to-operation versions that have taken over the scene.

 Bending rollers can create different curves and angles for many different industries including automotive, agriculture, construction, aerospace, railroading, and so much more. The digital programs allow the operator to easily input values to create precise bends.

4.    Panel Benders

Panel benders are a safe and effective way to create simple and complex bends in metal paneling or sheet metal. The newest technologies added to these superb machines have reduced energy usage, boosted efficiency, and simplified operation. 

For example, the Smart BEC Series Panel Bending Machine by Accurl uses energy-efficient servo-electric technology to help you create even the most complex bends with ease and reduced costs. It even has automation technology that takes care of everything besides loading and unloading components! 

5.    Press Brakes

A press brake is a machine designed for bending metal plates, sheet metal, and panels using a clamped workpiece and die system. Like roll bending machines, the hydraulic and pneumatic bending press machine versions are far from new. 

However, newer technologies, specifically CNC (Computer Numeric Controlled) systems, have updated these machines to help boost efficiency, promote safety, and reduce costs. That’s exactly why we developed the Electrical Press Brake eB Ultra using state-of-the-art drives for up to 60% electrical savings. 

With a top-of-the-line 12-125 ton bending force, easy-to-maintain design, reduced noise, and unmatched precision, you can elevate every aspect of your metalworking operations. 

6.    Wire Bending Machines

Wire bending machines create perfectly accurate shapes in wiring. This wiring can be thick or thin depending on the machine, but the newest wire-bending machine models can bend it into amazingly complicated shapes with ease, including squares, hooks, zigzags, accordions, and more. 

These are great for cost-effective bending and are used for both large and small operations. They can create things as mundane as appliances or construction tools or as intricate as automotive or aerospace supplies.

7.    Plate Bending Machines 

Plate rolling machines, also called plate bending machines, are designed to roll different sheet metals. This creates a different type of bend using a similar method as other roll-bending machines. They can create cylinders or cones out of sheet metals. 

There are three main types: three roll plate rollers, four roll plate rollers, and initial punch plate rollers. They are also commonly used in conjunction with bending rollers, tube bending machines, and press brakes.

Upgrade Your Bending Operations with the Newest Machines by Accurl

If you want to upgrade from your outdated machinery to boost productivity while reducing cost, then Accurl can help. Our machines have been trusted around the world for decades and we continuously improve our designs, implement new technologies, and stay on the cutting edge of metal bending innovation.

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