The Eco-Friendly Features of Electric Press Brakes

Electric Press Brakes

Over the last 10+ years, there has been an increasingly urgent focus on eco-friendly manufacturing operations. Using environmentally friendly bending machines is a big part of reducing your foot print, but it’s beneficial to more than the earth. 

Having eco-friendly machines also helps to strengthen your reputation, reduce energy bills, and ensure a safe, quiet, and clean metalworking operation for your employees. Plus, eco-friendly electric press brakes are also newer, which means your operation will be using cutting-edge technology for better results. 

So, what is a press brake with eco-friendly features and how can those features help you improve operations? Keep reading to discover eco-friendly pressing brakes! 

What is an Eco-Friendly Press Brake?

Before we investigate what makes a press brake operation eco-friendly, what is a press brake machine? The original type of press brakes is a hydraulic press brake for shop press, but all press brakes are used to make precise bends, punches, or cuts in metal and sometimes other materials. 

All types of press brakes are used in various industries including consumer manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, construction, and more. So, what makes newer ones better for the environment?

An eco-friendly press brake is a computer numeric controlled (CNC) machine designed to perform the same functions as hydraulic press brakes. Some are more energy efficient than others because they offer specific features to reduce energy consumption, natural resource consumption, and both noise and air pollution. 

For example, the H-Brake Hybrid Press Brake Euro Master by Accurl maintains precise and powerful bending by using a patented ePrAX modular hybrid servo drive. Because of this is has an oil volume that’s 10% of conventional CNC brake drives while also saving up to 65% energy costs. These innovations are why Accurl continues to be an industry leader. 

So, how is a press brake setup eco-friendly? Keep reading to see what other features are good for the environment. 

How Does a Press Brake Work for Eco-Friendly Operations?

There are several features that some press brakes have that are better for the environment than traditional or homemade press brake machines including energy shutoff, non-petrolium operation, and noise reduction drives.

Energy Shutoff

Hydraulic press brakes have to constantly circulate fluid even when they aren’t in use. That means they are constantly consuming energy and raising your electric bills. 

On the other hand, energy-effecient CNC press brakes only run when they are in use. While precision bending does consume a lot of energy, you’ll save tons of power when not in use. 

This energy shutoff is one of the main eco-friendly features of many electric press brakes including the Accurl Electrical Press Brake eB Ultra that offers an average 80% lower energy consumption than hydraulic alternatives. 

Low-Energy Servo

While all electric press brakes have energy shut off that saves you power when they aren’t in use, some press brakes use less energy than others even when in use. These are the true eco-friendly press brakes that can boost your reputation and save you lots of money. 

One such machine is the Accurl Tandem Press Brake Genius Pro Series  due to the patented E-HYBRID servo system that has 45% lower energy consumption. But that’s not all because the dual modular tank reduces hydraulic oil volume by 60%, the Genius Giant has 55% less noise than other heavy duty press brakes, and the high dynamic electro mechanic drive system offers 35% shorter cycle times. 

Reduced Oil Consumption

Hydraulic press brakes generally use a form of mineral oil made from pretroulium for operation. This has to be disposed of properly, can harm the environment, and needs to be changed every year. Not only that, but it can leak into your warehouse, harming the environment and putting your employees at risk. 

Electric press brakes still require lubrication, they typically don’t consume petroleum based hydraulic fluid. This saves you money and reduces the use of fossil fuels. In fact, as you can see with the Accurl Tandem Press Brake Genius Pro Series mentioned above, some machines use 60% less oil! 

Noise Reduction

Metalworking machines including Press Brake CNC retrofit models with added noise reduction features are incredibly loud. However, not only are hydraulic brakes presses much louder than electrical, but some electric press brakes even have additional noise reducing features. 

No wonder the Accurl eB Ultra allows for 70% less noise than other machines while still providing a bending force range of up to 125 tons for 55% higher productivity. It also reduces air pollution with low CO2 emmissions, zero hydraulic oil, and user-friendly operation, even for those who don’t really know how to operate a brake press.

Save Money, Boost Reputation, and Keep Employees Happy with Accurl Eco-Friendly Press Brakes

As you can see, Accurl has an entire line of press brakes that offer eco-friendly features to reduce noise, boost safety, and reduce energy consumption. If you want to learn more so you can boost efficiency and productivity, click here to contact us today! 


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