Three-Roll Bending Machine: How It Works and the Rolling Process Involved

Three-Roll Bending Machine

There are a few different types of roll-bending machines and it’s important to understand the options so you can get the best one to help elevate your business above competition. If your industry requires forming metal plates into cylinders, cones, or other curved shapes then you might consider a 3-roll bending machine. 

So, what is this machine and how does it work? Keep reading to find out!

What is a 3-Roll Bending Machine?

There are differences between a rolling machine and a press brake bending machine. A roll bending machine can bend lengthier metals, making them great for high-volume efficiency. Additionally, they can create multiple bends in a single process (depending on the machine you use). 

A 3-roll bending machine, like 2-roll or 4-roll bending machines, is a machine designed to bend curves into metal plates. However, there are some major differences between these three types of machines. 

Whereas a 2-roll bending machine only has two rollers to create basic curved shapes, rolling bending machine options with 3-rolls provide more control over the desired outcome. 

In addition, they typically support single-bending functions which require inserting the sheet metal twice to pre-bend both ends. However, there are also double-pinch models available that can create faster bends. 

4-roll plate benders perform the same functions as 3-roll bending machines but can be even more precise and durable for high-volume operations, making them a preferred choice in industries like aerospace. Unfortunately, they are also much more expensive. 

So, to put it simply, 3-roll bending machines offer an exceptional balance of precision, performance, and affordability. While they might be more expensive than 2-roll benders, they are also more accurate and efficient, making them a cost-effective way to amplify your manufacturing output. 

What are 3-Roll Bending Machines Used For?

3-roll benders are used for mid-to-high volume operations in a variety of industries including automotive, construction, home furnishings, shipbuilding, consumer and commercial manufacturing, aerospace, petroleum, farming equipment, and much more. 

They can be used to produce a variety of shapes including cylindrical shapes, pipes, tubing, cones, and others. They can be used to make everything from household decorations to automotive roll cages, plumbing, and HVAC tubing. 

How Does a 3-Roll Bending Machine Work?

These machines generally have two bottom rollers and one top roller that you can adjust to achieve the desired angle. The three rollers work together to apply enough pressure to gradually bend the metal into accurate bends. 

During the process, one end of the sheet metal is fed into the three-roller plate between the upper and lower rollers. The upper rollers then displace the sheet metal in a downward trajectory. As the rollers rotate, the friction moves the plate while the upper rollers continue to apply pressure to create the curve. 

This process involves several clear steps:

  • Choose the Material: Depending on the 3-roll bending machine, you can choose steel, stainless steel, aluminum, special alloys, and potentially other metals. 
  • Prepare the Curvature: Decide on the bending force to be applied to the metal place to bend/roll at the desired radii (both inside diameter and outside diameter).
  • Place the Metal Plate: Place the metal on the table to limit the movement of the plate in an unwanted direction. Then, prepare for pre-bending. 
  • Pre-Bend/Pre-Pinch: Bend both tails of the metal plate to achieve the desired radius and ensure operational success. 
  • Bend the Metal Plate Through the Machine: Now that the metal plate is pre-bent, you can feed it through the machine between the top and bottom rolls. 
  • Remove Plate: Be careful removing the plate and make sure to follow safety measures and precautions for operating a sheet metal bending machine as well as operational guidelines for your specific machine. 

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