Valuable Features of a BEC Bending Machine for Industrial Use

Industrial settings rely on a variety of machinery and technology to ensure safety, productivity, and efficiency. This includes many different types of bending machines including press brakes, metal pipe bending machines, and more, but not all bending machines are created equal.

That’s where a BEC bending machine like the Smart BEC Series by Accurl comes in. What makes these machines any different from the others? To put it simply, they offer a massive number of benefits for an industrial setting, no matter what it is that you manufacture, repair, or produce.

This blog will cover in detail the most valuable and advantageous features of the BEC machine and the industries which they can be used for. But first, what is a BEC bending machine?

What is a BEC Bending Machine?

A BEC bending machine is more than a bending machine because the name stands for Bending, Endforming, and Cutting. Because of this, it is extremely versatile as you will see later by all the industries that can use a BEC bending machine to achieve numerous benefits.

 Unlike other types of bending machines, particularly angle bending and pipe bending machines, Accurl Smart BEC Bending Machines are incredibly useful for a wide variety of different applications. Additionally, they are designed specifically for durability and high performance, which makes them great options for heavy industrial bending output.

So, is a BEC bending machine a good option for your industrial use? Let’s find out!

What Industries Use a BEC Bending Machine?

To put it simply, a BEC bending machine can be used in virtually every industry that uses bending machines in general. Due to the bending power, precision, and versatility, it’s a highly beneficial addition to industrial settings including

  •  Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Shipbuilding
  • Technology
  • Furniture
  • Domestic Appliances
  • Air Conditioning and Heating

That being said, they can also be used for various other industries that need to make precise, quick, and cost-effective bends to metal. Plus, a BEC bending machine can work for different metal types including steel, aluminum, and copper to create 90-angle, non-90-angle, circular ARC, and more complex shapes.

Valuable Features of an Accurl BEC Bending Machine

So, how does a BEC bending machine produce these amazing benefits for industrial scenarios? A variety of features make that possible, the most important being adaptable applications, easy control, automation, safety features, compact & rigid body frame, temperature-controlled furnace, and energy-efficient performance.

Adaptable Applications

One of the biggest features of an Accurl BEC bending machine is the versatility for a wide variety of metals, shapes, and more, unlike many other types of bending machines. In fact, it can even create complex shapes like accordion bends, curvatures, and more. That makes it a great, versatile tool for any industrial scenario that maximizes use while minimizing costs.

Easy Control

With Accurl Smart Series BEC bending machines, the operator only has to load blanks and unload finished components, which makes control easy. Plus, our machines are designed for maximum operator comfort without restraining barriers or awkward work surfaces.

Our machine even has a fully automatic lubrication system, which reduces or even eliminates maintenance. That means it’s not just easier to control, but easier to take care of even in the heaviest industrial settings.


To boost productivity and simplify operations, our machines are designed for easy automation. While the operator still has to load and unload, everything else can be automatic, which means uniform results, predictable output, and precise outcomes.

Combined with high performance, the automation features allow your industrial team can get more done without sacrificing quality and precision.   In fact, the BEC Smart Series has 300% higher efficiency than traditional press brakes!

Safety Features

We design our machines to prioritize the safety of anyone using them. This includes emergency features, automatic shutoff, and barriers to prevent accidents as well as other safety features designed to prevent harm without sacrificing productivity.

Compact & Rigid Body Frame

The compact design can fit into virtually any industrial space while the rigid body frame is designed for long-term durability and reliability. Plus, you can add customizations or pick the model from BEC Smart-1400, BEC Smart-2000, or BEC Smart-2500 to fit your budget, use, and space.

Since bending machines go through a lot of pressure, heat, and use, the rigid body is important because it guarantees the BEC machine lasts for years without significant repairs or expensive maintenance. Accurl BEC bending machines utilize the latest technology for the best possible durability and reliability, so your operations stay smooth and costs stay low.

Temperature Controlled Furnace

The high-precision temperature-controlled furnace is tempered, heat-treated, annealed, and modulated according to the temperature curve and customized to the material you are manufacturing. This ensures excellent accuracy and lasting stability.

In fact, our BEC bending machines are very precise to a fraction of a millimeter, even with complex bends and top-of-the-line efficiency. That means reliable results that you and your clientele can count on.

Energy Efficient Performance

Our 100% Servo-Electric System is designed for industry-leading energy efficiency, which means you save money on bills while still achieving top-of-the-line performance, productivity, and durability.

This ensures you generate an ROI with your BEC bending machine that’s designed for high efficiency, customizable cost, and long-turn output. That means a cost-effective tool for your industrial business.


A BEC bend machine is a great addition to almost any industrial setting that requires metal bending and shaping. It’s versatile working with a wide variety of applications, metals, sizes, and scenarios. Plus, the best BEC bending machines from leading makers like Accurl will not only improve precision and productivity but also save you costs in the short and long term.

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