What is the Metal Bending Process for a BEC Bending Machine?

There are lots of applications for different types of bending machines including angle bending rolls, press brakes, pipe bending machines, and more. One of the most groundbreaking types in the metalworking industry is the BEC bending machine. 

Due to the design, performance, efficiency, and metal bending process of BEC bending machines like the Smart BEC Series by Accurl, these types hold many advantages. So, what exactly is a BEC bending machine, how does it compare with other types, and what is the metal bending process for BEC machines? 

What is a BEC Bending Machine?

A BEC bending machine takes a versatile and high-performance approach to metal bending. Unlike angle bending rolls and pipe bending machines, a BEC bending machine is designed for Bending, Endforming, and Cutting. 

Accurl leads the industry with the BEC Smart panel bender that uses innovative designs to offer customized accessories, full automation, energy efficiency, and use for a wide variety of applications. Like other BEC machines, it’s highly versatile and can conform metal panels into various complex shapes with unmatched precision. 

BEC bending machines can be used for various industries including the automotive industry, construction materials industry, and the tech industry. So what are the benefits of using a BEC bending machine over another type?

What are the advantages of a BEC Bending Machine?

Since BEC bending machines are a little different than more specific press brakes or angle bending rolls, they hold some high-performance advantages including versatility, safety, energy efficiency, precision, and performance.   


A BEC machine is highly versatile and can bend panels into a variety of different shapes. Not only that, but the shapes can be highly complex with accordion-shaped bends, precise curvatures, and so much more. 


BEC bending machines are designed not only to maximize operator comfort, but to ensure safety with visual devices, sound signals, and emergency shutoffs. This guarantees a safe work environment, without sacrificing productivity. 

Energy Efficiency

Not all bending machines or BEC-style bending machines are energy efficient, but that’s the direction that the industry is headed. Accurl paves the way in energy-efficient models with their smart 100% full servo-electric system that’s built to last years with unparalleled durability. That means less waste of both energy and materials. 


With accuracy up to a fraction of a millimeter, the best BEC machines are perfect for industries where precision is necessary like automotive and tech. That means you get perfectly uniform products that set the standard for reliability. 


BEC machines are designed for high performance and output. Plus, automation with Accurl Smart BEC bending machines also frees up the operator while maintaining high performance and efficiency by streamlining the metalworking process. 

What is the BEC Bending Machine Process?

The process of using a BEC bending machine is quite easy, but it’s good to understand each step before buying, customizing, or operating a Bending, Endforming, and Cutting machine. The basic steps include placing the metal sheet, adjusting the parameters, and bending the metal. 

  • Place the Metal on the Die

This step is the easiest and involves the operator placing the metal sheet, panel, or bar on the bending tool. The die is usually a u-shaped or v-shaped area that allows bending in various angles, shapes, sizes, and radii. 

  • Adjusting Parameters

After you properly place the metal, you will need to adjust the bending parameters using the sophisticated control system. You will be able to customize the settings to create the perfect shape you need. 

  • Bend the Metal

After finalizing the desired settings, the machine will take care of the rest. The hydraulic cylinder and high-precision furnace will modulate the temperature for the specific metal and produce perfectly bent metal accordingly. 

  • Remove the Metal 

After the metal is bent the process is 100% complete. You can remove the bending tool. Just in case, there are safety features included so that the operator is safe throughout the entire process. 

Elevate Performance and Accelerate Efficiency with Accurl Smart BEC Bending Machine Today

Now that you know how to use a BEC bending machine to elevate performance, accelerate efficiency, save time, and produce precise results, it’s time to get one for your operations, no matter what industry you’re in. 

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