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Introducing Large-format Laser Cutting SMART GIANT

Fiber laser metal cutting system
Available models
12M x 3M / 16M x 3M / 25M x 4M
Laser Power
IPG /MAX PHOTONICS 12KW/15Kw/20Kw/30Kw/40Kw
Simultaneous axis acceleration

SMART Giant is a high-capacity fiber laser system designed for large-format cutting applications. with featuring a distinctive modular architecture, this machine offers a base bed length of 10 meter, expandable in 4 meter increments up to a maximum of 40 meter. The SMART Giant model is capable of accommodating workpieces with widths of up to 3meter and thicknesses of up to 100mm.

Key Features:
  • Modular design: Expandable from 10M to 40 meter for versatile applications.
  • Large-format cutting: Process large parts continuously, minimizing repositioning.
  • High dynamics: Ensures maximum precision and throughput in large-scale cutting.
  • Easy Access: Simplified access to cut parts and raw material loading with SMART GIANT.
  • Safety features: Three scanners for secure gantry movement and laser safety curtains.
  • High-tech cutting head: Designed for high power and 24/7 operation for exceptional cutting performance.


SMART GIANT prioritizes operational accessibility by featuring an enclosed gantry for enhanced safety. Operators benefit from dual touch panels for seamless control access, a detachable front panel in the cutting zone for maintenance and parts management, and a side door for swift execution of basic tasks. Additionally, a handheld control unit enables precise axis manipulation for setup and nozzle clean system.

SMART GIANT Series – 2D fiber-laser sheet cutting system

Max. XY speed 100 m/min
Maximum XY acceleration 60 m/s²
Accuracy ±0,05 mm
Repeatability ±0,03 mm
Working capacity
Processable metals Mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass
Maximum sheet dimensions 12.250 mm x 3.100 mm [Smart Giant-12030]
16.250 mm x 3.100 mm [Smart Giant-16030]
25.250 mm x 4.100 mm [Smart Giant-25040]