Entry Level - Round, square, rectangular tubes

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Introducing the TubeLINE A Series

Cutting Head: 2D Tube Laser
Tube Range: min. 10 mm – max. 240 mm)
Tubes and profiles 200Kg in weight
Cutting mode: Round, square, rectangular tubes

The winning solution for cutting your tubes.:

ACCURL TubeLINE A Series is a entry level tube cutting solution with advanced technical features for optimal performance.It offers versatility, ease of use,& best-in-class engineering for processing various tube shapes. Ideal for frequent production changeovers and adapting to different materials. Invest in TubeLINE for a profitable cutting solution

Form and content in a single solution ptimize

TubeLINE BK Series offers the most advanced technical solutions for efficient production changeovers and material adaptability in 2D tube cutting, boasting best-in class engineering, user friendly operation, and versatility in a compact footprint. Optimize your investment with this comprehensive solution for light to medium thickness tubes.


  • The right tube laser
  • Innovative features such as bevel cutting
  • Comprehensive technology and cutting data
  • Ergonomic machine concepts
Our functional features and expertise support tubes and profiles through every stage of the machine. Each component is optimized for maximum results, delivering real benefits at every step.

TubesT: the software suite that creates value

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laser cutting machine distributor
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