Energy Efficient Full-Electric Press Brake for Smooth, Sustainable Operation

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Introducing the Electrical Press Brake eB Ultra

All-electric press brake, direct drive
Bending Force Range 25 to 125 TONS
Bed Length Range 800-3200 mm
DELEM CNC controller
Up to 80% Energy Saving
Industry 4.0

Dual drive hybrid servo bending solution for high tonnage market.

Bending Force Range 25 to 125 TONS tons for any application Bed Length Range 800-3200 mm for all production requirements

  • Part quality
    • High repeating accuracy due to
    • Servo electrically driven upper beam
    • Absence of thermal influence of hydraulic oil
  • Energy saving
    • 80 % lower consumption than hydraulic brakes on an average
  • Low Noise
    • eB Ultra allows up to 70% less noise than other machines
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Every facet meticulously addressed.

The Electric press brake eB Ultra Series, distinguished by its cutting edge modular design, attains its excellence through the application of advanced engineering methodologies, the culmination of extensive industry expertise, and the implementation of rigorous manufacturing standards.

The outcome is an exceptionally precise, dependable, and rapid production system, seamlessly integrating energy-efficient operations and noise attenuation.

100% Fully-Electric Bending Technology

The result a highly precise, reliable, and high-speed production system coupled with energy efficient and noise-reduced operation.

High Reliability
and Maximum Productivity:

So, New eB Ultra is possible to guarantee better performance and durability, reducing unwanted effects caused by inertia. and this model is a top machine that guar-antees high precision and competitiveness.
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100% Fully-electric press brake for simple to complex sheet metal bending.

The eB Ultra Series ball screw press brake is driven by an AC servo motor and ball screw drive mechanism. It maximizes productivity with high speed ram and high precision repeatability(0.001mm). This drive method is superior to all other electric/hydraulic performance and is quiet in operation.
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The benchmark of precision bending.

Maintenance Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic Filter Hydraulic Seals
Valves Cylinders Dwell Time

When you want the 1st part the right part let the eB Ultra bring you profit thru precision.

Heavy-duty ball screws drives with a High d•n Value

The High quality stop accuracy by AC servo motor and ball screw for unequalled ram positioning ±0.001mm.
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The high capacity balls screws from NSK (Made in Japan) has larger spheres diameter in higher quantity. The recirculation pipes are located at 180° ensuring a betterload distribution.


By gently absorbing the balls in the tangent direction of the spindle axis,the impact of this collision with other components is strongly reduced.Compared to conventional pipe type, noise reduces more tha

The components used in the mechanical transmission,ensures high durability while maintaining accuracy over time.

Servo-electronic bending with Professional Best Bending Solution

ACCURL® New eB Ultra is a fully electric bending machine is inte-grated with the highest technology coupled with a friendly use,the transmission components are high quality and suitable for high loads.

The eB-Ultra features the advantages of high acceleration, deceleration and fast response times of the servo-electric drive system. Compared to conventional press brakes considerable productivity increase can be reached; reduction of cycle times by up to 50 % and more is the reality.

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Energy saving

60 % lower consumption than hydraulic brakes on an average.


Thanks to the high dynamic electro mechanic drive system and “IRIS” safety 55% shorter cycle times on an average
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The eB Ultra electric press brake provides greater profit the higher is the machine occupancy rate.

The ACCURL® eB Ultra electric press brake provides greater profit the higher is the machine occupancy rate. in addition the development of GREENER eco-design products enables a significant reduction of nvironmental impacts and energy savings, which results in cost savings at the same time

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ACCURL 100% Electrical Press Brakes

New Design

More Than 55% High Performances


Up to 85% Energy Saving


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Equipped with the Latest Technology

Using an advanced control system and Wilson Pneumatic Upper Clamping, you’ll instantly accelerate tool changes and amplify productivity. Plus, the strict safety system, bend speed management system, and Lazer Safe IRIS ensure 55% faster bending efficiency.

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