Large Hydraulic Press Brake for Heavier Bending with Innovative Dual servo drive control

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Introducing the Heavy Duty Press Brake Giant Series

Bending Force Range 600 to 4000 TONS
Bed Length Range 6000-12000 mm
DELEM CNC controller
Up to 45% Energy Saving
CE-certification, machine is CE-approved
Industry 4.0 Ready

Dual servo drive hybrid bending solution for high tonnage market.

Bending Force Range
600 to 4000 TONS
tons for any application
Bed Length Range
6 – 12 Meters
for all production requirements
Up to 45% Energy Saving
Dual modular tanks, 60% less hydraulic oil.

Press Brake that combines reliability and return on investment.

ACCURL® Genius Giant Heavy Duty Press Brake, a cutting-edge solution delivering optimal performance for diverse challenges. this Giant series boasts a robust construction, offering bending lengths ranging from 6 to 12 meters and a formidable bending force of 600 tons ~ 4000 tons. The enhanced design prioritizes upper and lower beam crowning, coupled with a novel frame structure, ensuring superior end product precision.

ACCURL Heavy Duty stands out as a premier press brake series globally, excelling in the price-to-quality ratio. With a commitment to efficiency, it features a short delivery time, swift assembly, and a myriad of advanced accessories and optional devices. Elevate your bending capabilities with Accurl Giant series, synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation.

ACCURL patented E-HYBRID hybrid servo system,-  featuring ACCURL’s exclusive hybrid servo technology EVO-GO, ensures continuous operation. With dual modular hydraulic systems, even in challenging conditions or a hydraulic system failure, the machine seamlessly transitions to a single servo pump, exemplifying unparalleled reliability and uninterrupted productivity.


  • Energy saving
    • 45 % lower consumption than hydraulic brakes on an average.
  • Hydraulic System:
    • Incorporating a dual modular tank design, reducing hydraulic oil volume by 60%.
  • Productivity
    • Thanks to the high dynamic electro mechanic drive system and “IRIS” safety 35% shorter cycle times on an average.
  • Low Noise
    • Genius Giant allows up to 55% less noise than other Heavy duty press brakes
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ACCURL have vast experience with R&D and designing components to very tight tolerances with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD modelling techniques.

The design and analysis experiences of computer aided engineering (CAE) used in the heavy industry is novel for conventional company before prepare going to execute the fourth industrial revolution.

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The CAE software SOLIDWORKS used as the method to analyze the linear static construction, stress and deformation for press brake and laser cutting machine frames.

ACCURL engineers are competent in designing with first principle calculations for the CNC press brake and laser cutting machine

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EVO-GO® Hybrid servo system for Double pump-controlled.

The patented EVO-GO® modular hybrid servo drive is tailored to the special requirements of drives for CNC press brakes. All required components can be assembled using a modular design, ensuring optimal use of the installation space through a flexible layout and required oil volume here is only 60 % compared to conventional drives.

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The EVO-GO hybrid adapted to the special requirements of drives for CNC press brakes:

  • Respect for the environment
  • Energy saving*
  • Speed*
  • Reduced noise*
  • Less maintenance
  • Less waste*
  • Extreme precision
  • Repeatability

For each actuator a servo motor takes over the control of power stroke and fast stroke as well as bending force. The return stroke artly takes place using temporarily stored hydraulic energy.

Dynamics with significant energy savings .this principle allows efficient operation without additional cooling.

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LAZERSAFE® boosts press brake performance with advanced technology, maximizing productivity and enhancing functionality and protection. with streamlined design, reduced components and simplified CE certified interface and the PCSS-A Series provides an ideal foundation for efficient press brake control and safety management.



SmartLink unifies control for improved efficiency and ease-of-use,with real-time system status display.


SmartLink optimizes bend programs by customizing optical protection modes in CNC and improve production efficiency.


Real-time monitoring of machine operation and performance, ensuring safety and compliance with international standards.



Advancements in camera-based technology make it possible to implement Special Functions  that deliver higher levels of safety for the machine operator as well as greater operational  stability in various environments, enhanced functionality and improved productivity.


All functions of the optical protection system including mute point management,mode selection and user messages are embedded within the CNC system (via SmartLink).


Mode selection is tailored via the CNC bend program to suit the shape and profile of the work piece and all functions of the system are automated during machine operation.
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Optional with Press brake accessories: production traceability & barcode reader:

The Custom Made Tooling also include bottom tools with an adjustable opening width.The opening width (V-opening) can be adjusted as necessary. The primary advantage offered by these adjustable bottom tools is that the bottom tool does not need to be changed with the sheet thickness: the opening width can simply be adjusted as necessary. This results in substantial time savings espe-cially when large dimensions are involved.

The WILA range of products includes two models of adjustable bottom tools:

  • Automatically adjustable bottom tool, type MVM, designed for bending precision sheet material
  • Manually adjustable bottom tool, type Multi-V, designed for bending plate material
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Wila Multi-V-Matic (Mvm)
Main Features Are:

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Pre-bend & flattening in the same tool.

Acts as a tool holder for OZU tools.

MVM Type I-1.

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