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Introducing the NEW ES NT-30T Turret Punch Press

The REXROTH servo drive is tailored to the special requirements of drives for CNC press brakes. All required components can be assembled using a modular design, ensuring optimal use of the installation space through a flexible layout.and required oil volume here is only 10 % compared to conventional drives.

The punch servo utilizes a direct drive gearbox that supplies power and speed,the servo allows the user to steplssly adjust the punch stroke and accommodate any pressure curve requirements.

Punch Presses Designed for Cost Savings

ACCURL® ES NT Series CNC Punch Press is the newly developed Multi Index Tools Turret Punch Press equipped with advanced REXROTH Servo System and designed for cost-savings while maintaining superior performance.

Rigid Press Frame

Improved stability in the punching process using 12.5% thicker material for the press side frames and improved stiffness of base component.

O-type closed integral welding press frame special for servo punch press.

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Motion and Table

Improved stability in table motion by utilizing a two point LM guide support for high speed processing.  In addition, ball screws are now used for the X and Y axes providing  improved maintenance.

Full Auto Indexed Station

Tools are rotatable in 0.01° increments enabling the processing of complex shaped parts with the minimum number of tools. 

Tool change takes less than 3 seconds to complete total turret movement and just 0,6 seconds for single tool.

The turret itself is made of s50C and undergoes rigorous testing.

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Automatic Pneumatic Clamps

When punching thinner material, one of the problem is to control the sheet movement at non clamping area. To eliminate this matter 3 clamps or more is available.

Automatic Clamp positioning reduces setup time and errors ,and provides machine runtime flexibility and productivity 

With the Pure Performance version offers a max punching speed of 900 hpm or max punching force of 30 tons. Users have full control with the ability to program punching speed, upper and lower limit of stroke. The machines also boast apart from other manufacturers in the industry:

  • REXROTH IndraMotion MTX Series Controller unit
  • With 32 station turret with 2 indexable stations (24A + 12B + 2BAI + 2C + 2DAI)
  • Two turret construction alternatives: 32 and 20 stations
  • Multi-Tools®
  • A vast variety of special tools
  • Rotating Auto-Index system


Optional with the following configuration:

  • ACCURL® 42 station turret including 4 indexable stations 
  • ACCURL®Compact for Loading & Unloading AP System 
  • MATE® Indexable Multi-tool Ultra IMT 8-Station (MT8AUi) 
  • MDT® TT2 Turret Tapping Tool in C Station 




Press Capacity



Max. Sheet Size

X axis

5000 (With one re-positioning)


Y axis



Max. Sheet Thickness



Max. Diameter



Max. Nibbling Rate



No. of Clamps



Turret Stations (Auto-index station)



No. of Controlling Axis

5(X, Y, T, C, A)


Tool Configuration


Max. Feeding Speed

X axis



Y axis






Punching Accuracy




REXROTH Servo Transmission Technology

Introducing foreign advanced technology and combining with our company’s mature products, we develop a high-grade numerical control machine. The system and transmission adopt a complete set of German Rexroth configuration, the main motor is air cooled, and the driving system can be remotely diagnosed, with low noise, high speed, and high efficiency features. 

Full electrical servo CNC turret punch press:

  • Advanced REXROTH CNC Servo system to control the RAM stroke distance on both ends, and depth of each punch becomes with 0.01mm accuracy.
  • The AC punch servo motor can be programmed for various applications.


I) High speed applications.

II) Low noise applications.

III) Forming applications.

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The REXROTH servo drive adapted to the special requirements of drives for CNC turret punch press.

  • Respect for the environment
  • Energy saving*
  • Speed*
  • Reduced noise*
  • Less maintenance
  • Less waste*
  • Extreme precision
  • Repeatability


The ES NT can be upgraded with our ultra package which can decrease part processing times by up to 40%. 

Three models ES NT-1225, ES NT-1530 and ES NT-1540

  • Max sheet size
    ES NT-1225: 2,530 mm x 1,270 mm
    ES NT-1530: 3,074 mm x 1,565 mm
    ES NT-1540: 4,300 mm x 1,565 mm
  • Max. sheet thickness: 8 mm
  • Max. tools in turret / index tools:
    16 station 384/128
    20 station 280/80
  • Positioning speed, max. 108 m/min
  • Index tool rotation speed: 133 rpm

The Sharp series has also optional Dynamic performance to offer better productivity.

  • Ram force, max. 230 kN (25 US Tons) or 300 kN (33 US Tons)
    ES NT Dynamic: 300 kN
  • Hit speed, max. 700 hpm
    ES NT Dynamic: 900 hpm
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