Bending Machines

Panel Benders

In panel benders, metal bending occurs with specialized blades and a supportive sheet press. The blades, guided by electric servo drives, fold the metal in a specific order, starting from the outer edges and moving inward. The sheet press holds the metal securely, ensuring precision throughout the process. Together, these components create accurately folded metal sheets for various applications.

Automatic Panel Bender


  • Fully automated panel bending
  • Incorporates advanced CNC technology for precise control
  • Rapid and efficient bending process
  • Accommodates a wide variety of sheet materials


  • Reduces time expenditure for precise bending
  • State-of-the-art automation for maximum efficiency
  • Consistent high precision across various material types
  • Minimizes material waste with optimized programming


  • Ideal for industries requiring precision in panel bending, such as automotive and electronics
  • Versatile for producing intricate components in diverse sectors

Press Brakes

Bending machine can truly make a difference for your business. The bending equipment available at ACCURL Machines is capable of bending and shaping a wide range of materials. Every machine is equipped with blades whose main purpose is to perform a wide range of actions, depending on what’s required at the moment. ACCURL offers a wide selection of press brake machines, allowing you to choose the perfect machine according to your current needs. We utilize servo-electric systems to ensure that every task commanded to our machines is done with the utmost precision, ensuring success and the expected results during the bending process.


Our top CNC bending machine is capable of completing a diverse range of bending operations in record time. Our machinery can work with different metal materials with the same precision, speed, and power levels, no matter the shape, thickness, or pattern


Start using automatic bending machines and streamline repetitive processes within your business. Our robotic bending machine helps businesses improve productivity, quality, and ultimately your company’s profitability.


Finding an appropriate CNC bending machine for your business can be exhausting. We offer a wide range of press brake machines compatible with different metals. Get high precision and speed, ensuring that the manufacturing process is not affected by the new machinery. 


CNC press brake machines can improve your business efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Our mechanical press brake machine can help you optimize your production processes, allowing you to identify potential areas of improvement and reduce costs in the long run. 

Choose the perfect Press Brake for you

Electrical Press Brake eB Ultra


  • Cutting-edge electrical press brake technology
  • Ultra-modern design with intuitive user interface
  • Dynamic servo-electric drive for superior performance


  • Combines precision with exceptional bending speed
  • Low-maintenance and energy-efficient operation
  • Enables seamless integration into smart factory setups


  • Ideal for applications demanding high precision in bending, such as aerospace and architectural metalwork
  • Enhances efficiency in small to medium-scale production environments

H-Brake Hybrid Press Brake Euromaster


  • Hybrid design seamlessly blending hydraulic and electric bending
  • Euromaster technology for superior performance and adaptability
  • Intelligent control system for optimal bending results


  • Merges the strength of hydraulic with the precision of electric bending
  • Accommodates a wide range of material thicknesses with ease
  • Reduces energy consumption through hybrid efficiency


  • Well-suited for heavy-duty bending tasks in industries like shipbuilding and heavy machinery
  • Adaptable for various bending applications in diverse manufacturing scenarios

Heavy-Duty Press Brake Giant Series


  • Engineered specifically for heavy-duty bending tasks
  • Giant series for handling extra-large workpieces
  • Sturdy construction for enhanced durability


  • Robust build for heavy and large-scale bending operations
  • High bending force capability, ideal for thick materials
  • Ensures stability and precision in demanding bending tasks


  • Suitable for industries dealing with large-scale metal components, such as construction and infrastructure
  • Optimized for tasks where precision in heavy-duty bending is paramount

Tandem Press Brake Genius Pro Series


  • Tandem press brake system for synchronized bending
  • Genius Pro technology offering advanced capabilities
  • Integrated control system for precision tandem operation


  • Synchronized bending for increased productivity
  • Advanced features for complex bending tasks
  • Enhanced flexibility in handling large or intricate components


  • Ideal for industries requiring precise and synchronized bending of large or complex components, such as automotive chassis manufacturing
  • Versatile for applications demanding high precision in tandem bending

Robotic Solutions

As a leading laser cutting machine distributor, ACCURL establishes crucial connections within the metalworking ecosystem, providing access to state-of-the-art robotic solutions. In an era where efficiency and precision are paramount, ACCURL’s Robotic Solutions stand as catalysts driving the evolution of metalworking. They offer a glimpse into a future where automation seamlessly intertwines with craftsmanship, redefining the possibilities in the world of manufacturing. ACCURL’s commitment to innovation ensures that these Robotic Solutions not only meet the demands of today but also pave the way for a more advanced and efficient tomorrow in metalworking. With ACCURL, the future of metalworking is precision-driven and seamlessly automated.

Discover robotic bending machine-

Bending Robotic for Press Brake


  • Seamless integration of robotic technology for bending tasks
  • Automated operation for increased efficiency
  • Collaborative robotic systems for precise and repetitive bending


  • Robotic assistance streamlines production and enhances precision
  • Increases overall production speed with automated workflows
  • Versatile application in various metalworking industries


  • Well-suited for industries adopting advanced automation in metalworking, providing efficiency in mass production
  • Adaptable for a range of bending applications, optimizing human-robot collaboration

Robotic Bending Cell for Panel Bender


  • Robotic bending cell specifically designed for panel benders
  • Seamless integration of automation for streamlined operation
  • Advanced robotic systems for precision panel bending


  • Optimized for panel bending tasks with robotic precision
  • Streamlines the workflow in panel bending processes
  • Reduces manual labor, increasing overall operational efficiency


  • Ideal for industries where panel bending is a crucial aspect, such as electronics and appliance manufacturing
  • Enhances productivity in high-volume panel bending applications

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