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Introducing the Robotic Bending Cell

ACCURL panel bender can be used in a robotic cell, either completely robotic, or when a robot and an operator can alternatively use the CNC machines.

Automation Electric Press Brake:

Thanks to the ACCURL Bending robot and automatic loading/unloading devices, the cell with two levels of automation – process and operation – is a reliable solution for unattended production, even at night.
1Panel Bender
25-axis Robot
3Pneumatic gripper
4Moving axis
5Loading pallet
6Centering table
7Turn-over table
8Stacking table
9Electrical system
10Safety fence


  • Loader from a precentred pack.
  • Cartesian feeder with controlled axes.
  • Unloader.
  • Carousel unloader.
  • Roller-surface unloader for pallets and crates.
  • Un-intrusive machine integration with sensors to back gauge fingers and bending beam which follow the programmed sequence of the Accurl panel bender.
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  1. BEC Panel Bender
  2. Panel Bender Controller
  3. Electric Cabinet
  4. Industrial Robot
  5. Sucking Cup Device
  6. Robot Electric Cabinet
  7. Sheet Alignment Table
  8. Magnet Separate Device
  9. Raw Sheet
  10. Finished Workpiece
  11. Rear Safety Door
  12. Fence

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